As the coronavirus spreads, many are concerned about the health of themselves, family, and friends. As with most viral infections, there is no treatment.  Your best protection lies in keeping your health optimized. Over the coming weeks I will be sending out updates to keep all my patients up to date on how to keep you and your family safe with a functional medicine perspective.

Monolaurin Anti-Viral Benefits

The mechanism of anti-viral action is a disruption of the viral envelope or lipid capsule that surrounds the virus. Viruses use this envelope to help them “roll” into cells – which is important for replicating and “activating” the virus.

Monolaurin has been demonstrated to disintegrate this lipid envelope naturally. No matter the strain of the virus – if it has a viral envelope – it is vulnerable to the unique action of monolaurin.

Epstein-Barr VirusCytomegalovirusHerpes zoster (Shingles / Chicken pox)Human Herpes Virus-6, & others. Other viruses are also enveloped – such as the influenza or flu virus – which makes monolaurin a perfect supplement for seasonal immune support. 

There was also a small clinical trial published with HIV – another enveloped virus – that demonstrated lower viral levels and improved T-cell counts in those treated.




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