The Thyroid Directly Supports the Following Systems:

  • Bone metabolism
  • Immune System
  • Brain/Nervous System
  • Endocrine System (adrenal glands, ovaries, testes)
  • Gastrointestinal function
  • Liver and gallbladder
  • Growth/Sex hormones
  • Fat Burning
  • Insulin and Glucose Metabolism
  • Healthy cholesterol levels
  • Proper stomach acid

Thyroid “Cross-Talk”

The thyroid relies upon other organs and systems just as these systems rely upon it. We call this “cross talk” between the systems. “Cross Talk” happens between the following systems:

  • Thyroid and Immune System
  • Thyroid and Gut
  • Thyroid and Brain
  • Thyroid and Endocrine System

One affects the other!

Thyroid Function Basics

The Hypothalamus sends a signal to the pituitary gland via TRH. The Pituitary gland sends a signal to the Thyroid via TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone). TSH causes enzyme TPO to stimulate release of T4 (93%) and T3 (7%). These hormones ride the “taxi cab”- thyroid binding globulin (TBG).

Thyroid Hormone Conversion

In the liver 60% of T4 is converted to T3. Poor liver function will cause poor T4 to T3 conversion. 20% of T4 is sent to the gut to be converted to T3. If you have poor gut flora it will cause poor conversion of T4 to T3. Also, 20% of T4 is sent to peripheral cells for conversion to T3 using 5’diodianaze enzyme. A small percentage of T4 goes to Reverse T3.

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