Everyone has a calling, mine is healthcare, when I say health care, I mean true health care. Our healthcare system in America is actually a sick care system treating a diagnosis, in order to get a diagnosis you must have a condition or disease to match the symptoms with the diagnosis. This is the sick care system we live in. sick care and crisis care are great things to have and in America we are lucky to have such a great system when we have an accident or get sick.
But this is not what gets me excited, I love health, vibrant health and fitness so you can be the best you can be, feel great, positive, motivated, energetic and able to do the things you want to do, at your optimal level. This is what I call health, our natural state, this is what god meant for us.
The wellness revolution has be going on for some time and we have made some great progress in understanding what makes us healthy from fitness classes, yoga, palates, cross fit, body building and many other forms of fitness. More and more information comes out every day about the benefits of supplements and a good diet, and yet the healthcare system we have is resistant to embrace the preventative and even curative contribution to the nation’s health.
This is my thing, educating and helping people become healthy I have been studying health since I was a child. I can remember wanting to know what vitamins did what for you and reading labels. I remember getting my 1st weight set at 10 or 12 yrs old and doing sit-ups and push-ups to get stronger.
I have a lot to share and I will get into some very exciting stuff in future blogs. Until then good health and good living.
Dr. Scott