Thyroid and iodine good or bad?

By April 16, 2013 July 16th, 2019 No Comments

Iodine and thyroid treatment can be very controversial, there are some professionals that say iodine can be bad and that giving a thyroid patient iodine is like putting gas on a fire. The problem with this is that this can be true for some patients but not all and it can depend on many factors. the type of iodine can be very important, the dose can be very important, natural vs. synthetic, all these factors can be the difference from successful treatment and positive outcomes to disaster and disappointment.
One big problem I see with these professionals is that they treat every thyroid case with the same protocols no iodine or everyone gets iodine. Every patient is different and has different causes to their unique physiology. I can have 6 thyroid patients come in and I can have six different treatment this is how I am able to get people better that could not previously be helped.

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