Diabetes Treatment Success Secret #4:

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It’s Not Just Your Pancreas!

The pancreas is not the only organ that controls blood sugar.

Many diabetes think that the pancreas is the sole organ involved with their diabetes because of insulin.  Remember that Insulin is inflammatory, it causes inflammation!

The pancreas does make insulin— but…it’s not the only organ in your body that is vital in regards to your diabetes.  Your thyroid, liver, and adrenal glands are the big players in controlling your blood sugar. Your thyroid will be addressed in a future “secret” so let’s address your liver.  Your liver stores glucose in a form called glycogen.  Your liver has the ability to manufacture glycogen so that it’s available for you later when you need it.  Your liver can malfunction due to a poor diet, excess alcohol and medications. Liver malfunction can elevate your blood sugar and cause you to develop Type 2 diabetes.  The liver can be tested via bloodwork and if your doctor isn’t testing you via “functional” or “optimal” levels as we addressed in our first “secret,” you will most likely continue to get worse! Your liver is a key component in diabetes and it needs to be checked.

Many patients on insulin develop a condition called insulin resistance, which means all of the cells of your body are not paying attention to the signal that insulin is attempting to give to them.  That signal is to get sugar out of the bloodstream and into tissues.

Giving you more insulin only makes you more inflamed which can result in a heart attack or stroke.

The next VERY important organs are the adrenal glands.  Not many diabetics know that the adrenal glands are the organs that help regulate your blood sugar.  The adrenal glands produce a hormone called cortisol.  Cortisol frees up glycogen–the storage form of glucose AND cortisol will also do is make you insulin resistant!   When you’re insulin resistant, insulin piles up OUTSIDE                                        the cells in your bloodstream and blood sugar piles up INSIDE your cells.  If that goes on for very long you’re going to have high blood sugar.  Your hemoglobin A1C is going to be high.  Your triglycerides will be high.  You will get labeled with pre-diabetes or metabolic syndrome or Type-2 diabetes.

If your doctor hasn’t looked at your adrenal glands, then they’re not digging deep enough.

If you’re making too much cortisol or excessive cortisol, you’re very quickly going to become insulin resistant… and now the next question for the good health detective doctor is..WHY are you making excessive cortisol?

It could be a hidden infection.  It could be stress.  It could be a food sensitivity.  Those can all be tested.

And my point is those are the things that could be causing your type two diabetes or your pre-diabetes.

So the secret today, our secret number one about type two diabetes is the pancreas is by no means the only organ involved in taking care of your blood sugar.

There’s your liver and there’s your adrenal glands and they both have to be examined and tested to get the root of YOUR “Type 2 Diabetes.”

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