As the coronavirus spreads, many are concerned about the health of themselves, family, and friends. As with most viral infections, there is no treatment.  Your best protection lies in keeping your health optimized. Over the coming weeks I will be sending out updates to keep all my patients up to date on how to keep you and your family safe with a functional medicine perspective.

PLoS One. 2010 Oct 26;5(10):e13622. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0013622.

Prevention and treatment of influenza with hyperimmune bovine colostrum antibody.

Ng WC1Wong VMuller BRawlin GBrown LE.


The above study is just one example of the use of Colostrum in prevention and treatment of viral infections.

Colostrum has the capability through some of its bioactive components – lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase, and lysozyme – to destroy all viruses they come into contact with. This has nothing to do with the origin of these components. The body produces these components naturally but not necessarily in the ideal quantities, particularly if an individual is immune-compromised. Patients who are most greatly affected by coronavirus are immune-compromised due to advancing age or other underlying health conditions.


Proline-rich polypeptides in colostrum stimulate the body to create antibodies against any foreign invader including novel viruses and bacteria. The peptides induce the body to rapidly produce these antibodies, rather than the 7 to 10 days it normally takes the body to produce new antibodies against foreign invaders. Furthermore, proline-rich polypeptides are a potent stimulator of Natural Killer (NK) cell activity.


Colostrum has a valuable role to play in immune health (and has done throughout all of recorded history).


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