Thyroid Treatment

Thyroid issues are a big problem these days. It has been estimated that more than 27 million Americans suffer with thyroid related illness, the majority women. I have seen statistics quoting that of those diagnosed with thyroid problems, from 50% to 90% have a condition known as Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Many of those 50-90% go undiagnosed and suffer a constant battle with their thyroid. Furthermore the people who do get a Hashimoto’s diagnosis are treated with very little results.

The biggest problem with conventional as well as alternative treatment is treating the thyroid and not the whole person. If you have Hashimoto’s you have an autoimmune problem. This can be caused by genetic susceptibility to food sensitivities. Common foods that thyroid patient have sensitivities to are gluten, eggs, soy and milk.

Many of these people have other complications from this autoimmune condition and it complicates their thyroid problem. As a result, they are on many medications for a number of symptoms when it’s all coming from the autoimmune condition.

To further complicate this situation, many conventional doctors who treat the majority of these cases are not trained properly to do the unique testing needed to find the food sensitivity let alone the unique methods needed to treat these conditions. The reason for this is simple: The answer is not a drug. Our current system of health care is dominated by drug therapy and our medical physicians are well trained in pharmaceuticals.

To successfully treat these conditions, you need a physician who is trained in functional medicine. Every patient is different and you must use some detective work like the show CSI. Some autoimmune people have leaky gut syndrome and/or blood sugar regulation issues and or hormone imbalances, depending on how long they have had the problem. They may be sensitive to multiple foods. The treatment can take a long time from 6 months to 18 months and many lifestyle changes need to be implemented.

The end result is restored function of the body and ending the medication merry go round.

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