I have had many Hashimoto’s and Graves’ patients come to me who have had the condition for years and their doctor has not addressed the autoimmune aspect of the disease. Yes, they manage the symptoms with thyroid hormones, antithyroid medications. This is fine and necessary but to not address the autoimmune component is crazy. The primary reason most doctors do not address the cause of the thyroid condition is because they don’t even know that it is possible to modulate the immune system and eliminate the autoimmune response.

In functional medicine our goal is to understand the patient’s unique physiology and restore balance. I have witnessed many patients who have had their immune response managed, modulated or eliminated.

This is why many patients come to see me who are having their thyroid managed by an endocrinologist but they still feel lousy. If you have Graves’ or Hashimoto’s the autoimmunity needs to be addressed in order to feel well and be well.

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