Diabetes Treatment Success Secret #12:

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Brain Function

As I have mentioned in other secrets, brain function is extremely important in treating diabetes.  The brain controls every bodily function.  Your pituitary drives the thyroid gland.  It releases TSH.  The part of your brain called the hypothalamus drives the pituitary.

Our brain needs two things to survive:  fuel and activation.

Fuel is glucose and oxygen, which is why we use Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) in our office.  We have addressed the glucose end of the equation: now let’s address the importance of oxygen.

As you age, your ability to utilize oxygen decreases by one percent per year each year after the age of 25.  If you are 50 years old, you’ve lost 25 percent of your ability to utilize oxygen in your body.  This is called oxidative phosphorylation, which is a big fancy three-dollar term meaning you’re not using oxygen as well as you did when you were younger.  Again, this is why we utilize Exercise With Oxygen Therapy or EWOT in our office.

Secondly, the neurotransmitter serotonin plays a major role in thyroid function.  There’s a place in your brain called the hypothalamus and there’s something called the periventricular nucleus.  I know these are big fancy three-dollar words, but it’s critical that you know this if you’re suffering with thyroid symptoms.  Serotonin acts on the hypothalamic periventricular nucleus in the central nervous system and what it will do is make you have low thyroxine-stimulating hormone or low TSH.

Taking thyroid hormones for these problems is not going to do ANYTHING for you.  It will most likely make your symptoms worse.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not saying to stop taking your medication (that’s called practicing medicine without a license!) but you need to be aware of what is happening to your body!

I am saying be aware of what’s happening to your body because once you start asking medical doctors WHY you’re taking these medications they’re going to look at you like you’re crazy, like you have a psychosomatic illness, which means to them…”it’s all in your head” and the only thing you need is an antidepressant.


The biggest influence on serotonin is blood sugar. That’s why we addressed glucose in Diabetes Treatment Success #1.  So if you’re hypoglycemic, insulin-resistant, or diabetic, it is vitally important that you maintain your blood sugar levels within an optimal range.

This is why it’s important to eat healthy.  Don’t skip meals.  Quit eating junk food!  Every time you eat junk food you are literally eating away at your thyroid and you’re making your problem worse.

By consuming a poor, junk-food-filled diet, you will increase your diabetic symptoms and you will gain weight easily.

You have all of these symptoms and yet your labs are “normal” in the eyes of your medical doctor.  Remember, those labs need to be within the optimal or functional range.

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