Is insulin the answer for type 2 diabetes?

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Conventional treatment says yes it is. But let’s look at the facts and see what we find.

fact #1
Insulin is inflammatory.

Many of you may say so what, my body is not making enough insulin that’s why I need it. Let’s get one thing strait, The body can make lots of bad things to do good jobs, but when we become insulin resistant the body can make too much and that is a bad thing. Over time your pancreas can get overwhelmed and not be able to produce the exaggerated levels of insulin and then your doctor says, “the medications are not working you need to be put on insulin.”

Now we are injecting, in ever increasingly high levels, a very inflammatory substance into your body. The levels get higher as your original problem of insulin resistance continues to worsen. Did insulin or the medication fix the insulin resistance? NO!!!

Back to inflammation, unless you’re up to date on the latest research you may not be aware that inflammation is at the root of just about every major chronic health condition, from heart disease, cancer, premature aging, wrinkles, and so on and so on.

Now it’s a scientific fact that Insulin is inflammatory. If I’m giving you insulin, I am injecting you with something that’s inflammatory….and all the consequences of that inflammation can hurt you. (worse than the Diabetes).

Now you’re injecting High levels on insulin (like kerosene) and the increased inflammation can increase risk for stroke, risk for heart attack…..

….and weren’t those the risk factors for diabetes?

…and wasn’t heart attack and stroke why they said you needed insulin in the first place?

It’s a double edged sword and it’s something no one ever wants to talk about.  It’s certainly something that your doctor is never gonna talk to you about, even though it’s a plain, scientific fact.

The day that you start taking insulin, get yourself a big calendar and circle the date in a red Sharpie marker.. because….


you can look forward to a future of doctor visits and increasing number of medication to treat the multiple side effects of High inflammation. It’s a down ward spiral to an early debilitating death!

This makes me mad!!  Because it doesn’t have to be this way!! But for millions of people you probably know some, maybe a family member this is their fate.

But there are steps you can take to stop this type downward spiral.  The thing to remember is that your Type 2 Diabetes, your pre-diabetes–is just a label.

The cause of YOUR Type 2 Diabetes is probably not the same as another person’s.

Diet is important. Obviously eating junk food and being a couch potato are major culprits in Type 2 Diabetes—BUT—

There are many more issues that your doctor probably ignores, or doesn’t even know about.  Now in their defense it all comes down to training when all your training is in drug treatments and the experts you rely on are experts in drug treatment and your under pressure to write a script and get you in and out in 10 minutes, they don’t have time to do any detective work, they are on to the next patient.

Take cortisol, your doctor is probably not looking at cortisol. Cortisol is a huge issue with insulin resistance. High cortisol levels can make you insulin resistant. The point here is why are you insulin resistant and what can we do to get your body functioning the way it used to.

Important, right?

Why would someone make too much cortisol? Here’s three common reasons:

  • Food sensitivities – whether you know it or not
  • Hidden GI infections-like yeast, parasites, molds
  • Viral Infections-pain that comes and goes, fatigue

…anything that causes an inflammatory reaction can cause excess cortisol– which will make you insulin resistant. We can test for all of these.

This is a vicious cycle.  You can unravel it.  But it takes a doctor with a detective mind who can spend more than 10 minutes with you…

You’re probably frustrated with that 10 Minute Fast Food approach. You’d like to spend more than 10 minutes with a doctor who wants to dig and find out what’s causing your body to look like Type 2 Diabetes. You are most likely just being told “don’t eat ice cream” and “go exercise” and “take this drug or take this insulin.”

And that’s not good enough in my book.   The secret today is that insulin is not the answer.

Yes it’s used as a treatment but the untold truth is…

Insulin is  inflammatory and it could be making you worse.

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